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Holly Shiflett, director, North American partnerships, FutureLearn, said in a recent interview. One of the leading providers of online education in the UK is the Open University, which provides over 1,000 tutorials online every week to its students. Fees at the Open University vary depending on whether you opt to study part-time or full-time, but the average cost for full-time study works out at UK£5,264 annually (US$8,540) for three years.

Taxpayers who claim a family allowance are entitled to a child tax credit, which is paid monthly together with the family allowance and amounts to EUR 58.40 per child. In addition, it is possible to claim exceptional costs for students who receive a family allowance and study outside their place of residence. Parents are entitled to the Family Bonus Plus as a tax deduction after the child’s 18th birthday at an amount of EUR 500 per year if a family allowance is still received for this child. The passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act —which was reauthorized in 2015 as the Every Student Succeeds Act—highlighted Congress’ recognition of the need for a federal role in ensuring equal educational opportunities. The goals of public education must evolve with the changing world, and today, schools must prepare students for college, career, and civic engagement.

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She says that we inherently recognize the connection these provide, but in the distance learning environment they are “ both severely and sometimes permanently compromised” (pg. 2). She asserts that professors are unable to observe the emotions of the students and cannot detect “ moments of anxiety,” thereby limiting their ability to respond to student needs. This puts a burden on the instructor and causes the students to respond differently than they might in a traditional classroom setting. As we saw earlier, creating a community is an important factor for the instructor to have an effective class. The instructor must do all he can to overcome the limits of the technology and involve the students in an environment of interaction, which can work to create the feeling of a true class (Hiltz & Wellman, 1997). One overlooked factor in the success or failure of distance learning programs is the role that the technicians play in distance learning.


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